We are dedicated to empowering caregivers to be the primary agents of change in their child’s development and learning journey. 

QuickStart Early Years has grown out of the directors’ shared passion for children securing early intervention. They have all seen the difference early intervention makes. It is life changing for the children and their families.

The four owners are united by their desire to foster child development and support families’ quality of life.

They bring together proficiency in autism assessment, therapeutic strategies and family support to form our ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program. 

They have decades of experience working individually and over 10 years of experience working together to support Ontario families with autism.  


Yolanda Korneluk, Ph.D., CPsych, is the Clinical Director and founder of Emerging Minds Treatment Centre in Ottawa. Yolanda is the President of QuickStart Early Years, and she oversees the clinical direction of the program.

Robin Gaines, Ph.D., is a Speech/Language Pathologist and clinical researcher. Robin was the Master Coach for the QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® Program until her retirement in 2023.

Véronique Chiasson, O.T. Reg. (Ont.) is the Director of Emerging Minds Est and a registered Occupational Therapist. Véronique oversees the French Language Program and acts as the regional specialist in training. She is also an Early Intervention Provider at QuickStart Early Years.

Suzanne Jacobson is the President and Founder of QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism. She is the Executive Director at QuickStart Early Years.




Our involvement to offer early intervention to families joining the program is possible thanks to our partners and the work of our Early Intervention Providers (IEPs) in the Eastern Ontario region. 


The Government of Canada recognizes that our children living with Autismneed appropriate supports to reach their full potential, while family and caregiver quality of life can also be improved if timely and appropriate support services are offered throughout the lifespan.”

At QuickStart Early Years, improving the quality of life of all children with autism and their families is our foundation.   

Our ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program was especially designed to provide help at the earliest stage of the diagnosis.

According to the 2018 Report of the National Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Surveillance System, Government of Canada publication, one in 66 children between the ages of five and 17 in Canada are diagnosed with ASD.  Comparatively in the United States of America, About one in 44 children are diagnosed with ASD according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.


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