Our ESI/SCERTS Ontario Autism Program

Receiving an autism diagnosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time. We understand.

Our program is tailored to your child’s specific needs. It is funded through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) under ESI (Early social interaction) /SCERTS (Social communication emotional regulation and transactional supports) programs.


ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® Program

Our research-based program helps you meet your child’s needs during daily activities. It is a foundational coaching program for caregivers which enhances communication with an autistic child.

Parent engagement creates the foundation which helps children flourish in their development.

An Early Intervention Provider will support and collaborate with you each step of the way

Unique Needs

We recognize that parents are the experts about their children. Our Early Intervention Providers work collaboratively with you, showing you how to meet your child’s unique needs, based on your priorities.


All the Caregiver-mediated Early Years programs coach the parents/caregivers. In our program, the Early Intervention Provider supports you to meet your child’s needs through individualized weekly sessions. The program length is six months.

Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions are about one hour long. Caregivers are expected to spend 20 to 25 hours implementing what they learn throughout the week. This is done through your everyday activities with your child.


Our program takes place in your home, either virtually or in person.


Our program takes place during your daily activities with your child.

Fully Bilingual

Our program is offered in the language of your choice, English or French.

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