Suzanne Jacobson

Autism entered Suzanne’s world 15 years ago when her eldest grandson was flagged and eventually diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She discovered a complex and difficult system to navigate, long wait-times for help and the significant difference early intervention makes.

This led to Suzanne founding the charity QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism which led to the creation of the QuickStart Early Intervention Program established in 2012, helping children get help right away at the first signs of autism. This parent-coaching program was adopted by the government of Nova Scotia and is offered as part of the QuickStart Autism Nova Scotia Autism Program.

Suzanne has been recognized for her work by CHEO, Andrew Fleck, and the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre. She received The Senate of Canada medal and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. She was recently awarded the Gerry Bloomfield volunteer award from Autism Ontario.

Suzanne is the Executive Director at QuickStart Early Years, for the ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program.