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Discover our program by checking out an information session given by a Master Coach. Our ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program is best described by those who have years of experience in accompanying families: Providers of Early Intervention.

Information Session: The ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program.

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Meet Robin Gaines, speech-language pathologist, researcher, founding member of QuickStart Early Years Partnership Inc. and ESI/SCERTS Autism Navigator Master Coach, as she walks you through our ESI/SCERTS QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® program.

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Join a live information session and learn more about our program. The session will allow you to meet some QuickStart Early Years team members. The session is appropriate for both parents of young children with autism or service providers who would like to know more about the program. Please follow the above link to book your access to the next live information session.

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