QuickStart Early Years Partnership Inc.

QuickStart Early Years Partnership Inc.

QuickStart Early Years is proud to have been selected as a service provider for the Ontario Autism Program: caregiver-mediated early years programs (ESI/SCERTS)

QuickStart™ Autism Navigator®

Program Description

Receiving an autism diagnosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time. We understand.

QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® is an evidence-based program that will help you meet your child’s needs during your daily activities with them.

You know your child best. QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® will support your family by showing you strategies to help you communicate and bond with your child. Through our program, you will gain the confidence to improve your child’s communication, social, play, self-help, and motor skills.

QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® will support you each step of the way. An Early Intervention provider will teach you how to meet your child’s unique needs, based on your priorities. You will receive individual weekly coaching sessions for 6 months, in your home (virtually or in person). You will also have access to a comprehensive library of web-based educational materials.

Parent engagement creates the foundation which helps children flourish in their development.

QuickStart™ Autism Navigator® is for children up to 36 months.

Families who are currently registered with the Ontario Autism Program and who meet the criteria for this program will receive a letter from OAP offering them the opportunity to take part in the program.